Freight Trucking Solutions for the Chemical Industry

Shipping chemicals and plastics is a complex and highly sensitive task. There are risks and specialized considerations involved when shipping corrosives, acids and plastic pellets.Chemical logistics from Autolinx ensures compliance, dependability, and accuracy throughout the process, for both hazardous or non-hazardous materials. 

Our customers receive the best in class chemical transportation services from Autolinx.

We are specialists in hazardous material freight transport

A chemical supply chain is complex and you need a carrier who can provide you the solutions which can guarantee capacity and equipment type availability. We provide chemical companies the capacity they need, when, and where they need it. 

Autolinx has a successful track record handling common issues in the chemical transportation industry, things like:

A single accident has far-reaching consequences. Other than delivering your shipment on time, our main goal is to take careful and responsible steps to prevent safety hazards such as contamination, spoilage, and combustion to provide our clients with peace of mind. Autolinx’s chemical logistics deliver compliance, reliability and precision throughout your network, whether you ship hazardous or non-hazardous materials.

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Ensure on-time, secure delivery of your cargo anywhere.
Simplify the complexities and challenges of LTL.

Move your temperature-controlled cargo anywhere.


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