Freight Trucking Solutions for the Technology & Electronics Industry

The technology sector is one of the fastest moving in terms of growth and reach. With Autolinx on your side, any transportation challenges can be resolved with our state-of-the-art methodology which involves the highest level of precision when managing any hardware or electronic freight. 

Autolinx’s sophisticated mobility provides all the elements of protection and coordination for a smoother transit of goods.

We are specialists in electronics & technology goods freight

Timing is everything in technology and electronics. To meet product launch and installation deadlines, your product must arrive safely and quickly. Plus, you typically need a lot of capacity and you need it quickly.

Autolinx has a successful track record handling common issues in the technology transportation industry, things like: 

We can ship all types of hardware and electronics across the US and Canada. Our experts know the risks and added considerations that are inherent to shipping these materials. When it comes to shipping your electronic goods, turn to Autolinx for peace of mind that your high value freight is safe and secure. 

We offer competitively priced services and are ready to take on your orders!

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Dry Van Truckload
Ensure on-time, secure delivery of your cargo anywhere.
Simplify the complexities and challenges of LTL.

Move your temperature-controlled cargo anywhere.


Get your freight when, where and how you need it.


Rely on us for your cross-border freight and paperwork.

Need it fast? We’ll ensure it gets there on time and safely.

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